egyptian arabic translator

egyptian arabic translator

The egyptian arabic translator Project is the first free egyptian arabic dialect Translation Service , An online Arabic translator for foreign and Arabic people to translate your texts easy to egyptian arabic to understand the meaning of phrases and words to help yourself learn more

egyptian arabic translator

you can translate english to egyptian arabic easy and get Masri ( egyptian arabic ) words easy with this tool that we build for all egypte language Learner in two ways of writing that you can choice in our tool , first one is egyptian Arabic which words are wrote in Arabic letters and the second style is egyptian Arabizi which words are wrote in franco letters like this ( izayik – ahlan – kwayis ) . and of course you can translate phrases but not in a perfect way because we still working to improve this option

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The Problem

A years I seen lot of foreign entered travel forums that looking for translation about Arabic dialects phrases or words when they try to learn an Arabic slang and some find help from members but need waiting hours and some not find , and even they look for online courses about Arabic dialects there is other words that they can’t understand and hard phrases that they need help in translation to know the meaning , plus that there is no free translation service for Arabic slangs to make it easy for foreign to know the local Arabic countries slangs and learn it free

The solution

In the internet there is a lot of translator free service that offer translation for the main language in the world but no one of them offer the Arabic slangs so I was thinking of the idea to build a free translator until This year at the beginning I decide to build a free translator for Arabic dialect ( Algerian language , Moroccan language , Egyptian language , Tunisian language … ) that help you to get the meanings of the words or phrases that you want easy and more than that it will be a dictionary for the words to make the learner know how it used in phrase and lot of options , as you can use the translator to translate Arabic dialects movies and some books that written in Arabic dialect and understand lot of Arab countries songs by translate their lyrics in an easy way , more ideas will make the translator project give more benefits for people in the world , even it’s a difficult challenge to cover the whole slangs and the development road need patience and work hard specially I am thinking of make it a Neural machine translation and to make it powerful to help you more so we will doing our best to achieve this work

Support our idea

Our Project now is still in the beginning road so we have some problems that we work on fix them and improve the machine to make it fast smart and easy to use , but all this need some professional developers to make it work and as you can see the expenses increase to become high that we can’t afford it in this time plus we already pay a lot but we believe in our project that will give a lot of help to the world and you all will support us to make it go more forward and been Real

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From very dollar helps ! Thank you for your continued support